DragoniaMC Mega update!

Hello everyone! we have been away for a bit but with that time we have gone and made a lot of changes to the server as a whole!

Since we soft-launched the server we’ve noticed that the server was VERY buggy, due to this we kept it in a soft-launched state for longer than intended so we could try and figure out the issue(s) we have now fixed various issues while also added in a BUNCH of new features! With that being said lets get into the new features and the server changes!

Server ChangeLog


  • New Spawn (May change back to older spawn in the future not sure at this time.)
  • Backpacks
    • Backpacks may also be upgraded in shop
  • Lottery system
  • Skill System
  • Better damage indicators
  • Drugs (Experimental)
  • Bar – For now players will need to use /Barmenu or /Bartender to access (we forgot to add the npc for it x.x should be fixed soon)
  • Furniture
  • Mars world (Experimental)
    • Oxygen System for Mars (Experimental)
  • MiniGames
    • BlackJack
    • CoinFlip
  • Player Created Warps
  • Player Owned Shops
  • Custom Items (Experimental may get removed)
  • Added Herobrine
  • Warzone
    • Envoys
  • Ability for players to show full inv or items in chat by using
    • [item] – shows item in chat
    • [inv] – shows full player inventory
    • [ender] – shows players ender chest
  • Ranks
    • Ranks are as follows (Rank names are under consideration of change)
      • Iron – $500K
      • Gold – $750K
      • Diamond – $1M
      • Emerald – $10M
      • Netherite – $50M
    • Ranks also have kits to go with them
  • Changes to Donator Ranks – We have gone and decided to try for a more simpler Donator ranking structure, however we may change this back if we feel it doesn’t work out
  • As of now the current donator ranks are as follows:
    • VIP
    • VIP+
    • MVP
    • MVP+
  • Players have the ability now to marry other players
  • BloodMoon – Every 5 in game days a BloodMoon event will trigger making mobs stronger
  • Mobs now drop heads which may be turned in for money.
  • Mobs now have a chance to drop MobCoins
  • Players now have the ability to revive other players
  • Two players can now ride on a horse together
  • Players tools will auto-switch to the next tool if tool breaks
  • Players now have a bank in game for items/money/exp – If a player deposits money it can gain interest over time.
  • Players now have the ability to set bounties on players
  • Players can now engage in trades with one another without the risk of items being stolen during trade.
  • Players now have the ability to form clans. (Experimental – If found to cause issues with towny Clans will be removed)
  • Seasons have been added which cause effects on players such as movement speed buff/debuffs and more
  • All players are not required to sleep at night to move into daytime now
  • Chat Name Tags – We have a small amount as of now but plan on adding more in the future.
  • Quests
  • Auto Chest Sorting feature (Experimental)
  • When a player dies a chest will be set on there death location, if player doesn’t collect chest after a set time it will be lootable.


  • McMMO
  • Custom Texture pack (for now may consider in the future to reinstate)
  • Build world (a new one will be generated soon)
  • Mayor NPC (May be added back but as of now no)
  • Dynmap (Temp removal)
  • All player inventories and stats
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Mobs have been set to have a max level of 150
  • Enchantments have been changed to hopefully resolve issues with pervious enchantments
  • Server removed from soft launch
  • Server now in a full launch
  • All players can create towns
  • Players as of now cannot buy more town claims
  • Bug fixes


  • To move to a Server seasons base which would include a server wipe every 2-3 years
  • To add support for bedrock players.

Closing notes

Donators: We understand you may have bought a rank on the pervious server. as of right now we are looking at the current ranks x old ranks to see how we can move your rank to the new server. we hope to have it resolved within the next few days be sure to check the discord for updates on this.

For us to make the new map the server will be in a maintenance mode for a few days so we may generate the new chunks.