DragoniaMC Opens for soft launch!

Hello everyone! DragoniaMC is proud to announce we have started a soft launch! What does this mean? A soft launch is where we begin to allow all players to join as if it were a normal server, but we are still able to preform work on the server. Such as config changes, permission tweaks etc. due to this however players may experiance things. Such as but not limited to random shutdowns, price changes in shop, commands not working even if they did before etc.

Planned changes/feature addon(s)

  • Voting (yes we haven’t setup voting yet)
  • Donator perks
  • Changes to in-game shop
  • Custom GUI’s
  • Holiday events
  • Bug fixes Lots and Lots of bug fixes x.x
  • and more to come!

If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to maybe see us add to the server please do not hesitate to post your suggestion(s) here! We would love to see the amazing ideas you may have to offer and want to see added 😀

Lastly We thank you all for working with us while we were closed to try to work as fast as we could to move into a soft launch. If you are interested in checking out the server you can connect via Play.dragoniamc.com If you do join we ask you to please read over our rules which can be found here We hope to see you all on with us soon! and make sure you stay tuned for future updates and server changes!