DragoniaMC Returns!

Hello everyone! As some of you are aware back in 2020 DragoniaMC was sadly shutdown with no real future planned for it. As the title suggests, DragoniaMC will be returning. As of right now though we haven’t quite opened fully due to updating the server, making sure everything is working as it used to etc.

The relaunch of DragoniaMC will take some time and we hope you’ll standby us as we plan to work tirelessly to bring it back. our current plan is as follows:

Phase 1:

Phase one is restoring most of our site, with a newer and cleaner look, phase two also is our step in re-establishing server files and so forth

Phase 2:

Phase two which is our current phase we are in, is our structural phase this includes us uploading files to server, reconfiguring connections, establishing voting pages etc. This will take us the longest of time due to the vast sizes of file(s) and work getting everything back to its prime.

Phase 3:

Phase 3: or the hopeful launch phase will be when we bring the server back online for everyone to join, understand however once we are in this phase we will more than likely see a LOT of bugs and issues come about. Phase 3 will also be when we begin looking for more staff to help us keep DragoniaMC safe and fun for everyone.

Phase 4:

This should be hopefully one of the last phases. with phase 4 this is when we project to bring back donation items, donator ranks etc. we also hope once we are in phase 4 most if not all bugs should be squashed

Closing Notes

While we are working on this we invite you all to sign-up and register for our website and even join our discord server Here you’ll get all the updates on the launch! We are glad to have this chance to return and have missed all of you!