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23 Nov 2023
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05 Apr 2024

Hello and welcome everyone to the DragoniaMC website!

As some of you may have known our website used to look a lot different, compared to how it looks today.


Why we did this?

We decided to make this change for a simple reason. to try and make our website more useable for our users, while also not taking forever to load. We hope that this will help make our member happy that we'd made this change. and we are still experimenting with other idea(s)


What happened to my account?

Since we'd moved away from Wordpress to NamelessMC all user-data has been deleted. Users will be required to make a new account to use our new site, like before we added Discord integration to hopefully make this as painless as we can.


Planned changes

We're hoping to open our staff applications up soon enough so we may bring more staff aboard! for more information about this please join our Discord for updates on this!

We've also been making some changes to our survival server while also working on some other servers as we realize not everyone wants to play JUST survival. With this being said what we are hoping to release soon would be a SkyBlock server along with a Prison server now of course these do take time to make so we ask you to please be patient with us while we work on creating these. While we are working on these we'll also be working on various Quality of Life (QOL) changes to Survival, which include but not limited to:

Changes to economy, Adding/Removal of plugins, Crate tweaks/over halls, Mob buffs/nerfs, and more


When do we plan to have these servers out?

Like we said beforehand we do not have a set release date on these servers with that being said we are hoping to have them up within a few months of course as life goes on for Darktornado23 & Noni setbacks may happen intern will mean delays will also happen 

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