Mayor Commands

/t new {townname} – This creates a new town with you as mayor.

/t add {resident} or /t invite {gamertag} – This will invite the player to town.

/t buy bonus {number} – This will buy bonus chunks for the town for claiming maxim is 32.

/t kick {resident} – This will kick players/residents from the town.

/t claim outpost – Claims chunk as outpost

/t unclaim – This will unclaim chunk.

/t withdraw {amount} – This will take money from the town balance and add it to yours but be careful, If you town does not have any money for upkeep it will slowly be destroyed .

/t rank {add/remove} {resident} {builder/recruiter/assistant} – This will remove or add rank or remove a rank from a resident.

/t set board {message} – This will show a message when a resident in your town will see when they login.

/t set mayor {resident} – This will give mayor status to another resident

/t set homeblock – This will set the home block of the town so when resident walks over it will show up as home.

/t set spawn – Must be done on home block allows people to do /t spawn.

/t set name {name} – This will change the name of the town.

/t set as outpost – This sets a town block into outpost.

/t set taxes {amount} sets the amount of tax residents have to pay.

/t toggle explosion – Toggles on and off explosions in claimed chunks.

/t toggle fire – Toggles on and off fire in claimed chunks.

/t toggle mobs – Toggles mobs from spawning in claimed chunks.

/t toggle public – Turn on/off public so other players outside of your town cannot tp to your town spawn, and coordinates of the the town’s home block in /town screen.

/t toggle pvp – Toggles pvp in claimed chunks.

/t toggle taxpercent – Does taxes by percent of upkeep.

/t open – This will toggle between public joining on and off.