New Changes to DragoniaMC

Holy cow guys! it’s been a hot minute before we gave you all an update! With that being said lets get started!

What has been changed?

Well for starters we have gone and finally added the Leaves to shop also added in Bundles! as of right now leaves are $30 each and can be sold for $10 each, and the bundles are $750 each. We do plan on changing these prices once Noni and Dark have the time to rework the economy.

We have gone and fixed the Survival NPC so it’ll now randomly teleport players around the survival world! compared to before where it’d only send you to the survival world spawn point.

Dynmap is making a comeback! Yes you read that right! we are working on bringing back Dynmap to the server it is up currently however is facing some bugs (constant refreshing) If you wish to try your luck with it the dynmap link can be found here

Changes to Jobs

We have added a new GUI as well as new jobs to the server! use /jobs to get started! Along with us adding new Jobs and a new GUI,

we’ve also gone and added a jobs shop so you can spend your points you earn from doing jobs in the server this feature is still in beta in this shop you’ll be able to buy things such as armor, special weapons and more! We do plan on in the future adding on to this feature and adding more custom armor/weapons and more let us know in the discord if you like this shop!

If you come across a bug with the shops or any of the jobs please let us know! so we can try and resolve them as quick as we can!

A new spawn!

As some of you may remember our old spawn was very and I mean VERY small and cramped so we have gone and ripped out the old spawn for a brand new spawn with much more room to explore! we do plan on adding more things here for players to interact with such as quests, and more! let us know what you’d like to see us add to the spawn! We also have a small treat for the holidays d:

Bug/issues fixes

We have gone and fixed the following bugs/Issues

  • Added leaves to shop under Farm and Food
  • Added Bundles to shop under Misc
  • Fixed typos in AFK message & welcome hologram
  • Added support for 1.19.4
  • Fixed SilkSpawner issue, where players couldn’t mine spawners (should be fixed)

These issues have been fixed as of today 04/27/2023 @ 2:28AM EST

Issues to be resolved

  • Still investigating why item remover doesn’t actually remove items
  • Unsure if enchantments are still missing/not working (needing to see if players have this issue or not still)
  • Crates acting weird (working but do have some minor bugs)
  • jobs shop not dropping item if player inventory is full (not fully an issue as it uses the give command to give the item, will be investigating if we can add a check for weather or not inventory is full)
  • Issues with donation site, where doesn’t have infromation about the ranks (low priority issue for now as we are more worried about the server at this time)
  • Ranks not having correct number of home limits (shouldn’t take long to resolve)

Other news

We would like to take a moment to welcome @aith to our build team and would like to thank them for there work with the server sign (see post banner). We have hit 87 Unique players on the server since we have gone live! we hope to see that number rise soon!

If you have anything you’d like to see us add in these posts please let us know so we can make our posts more appealing to our members!

-Till then

Darktornado23 | Owner