Server Rules

Please understand by joining our server you herby automatically agree to these rules set forth before you, you also understand that YOU the player are responsible for understanding these rules and checking if they’ve been changed. If you have any questions to these rules set forth please do not hesitate to message any of our staff.

Rules put in effect on 10/16/2022 @ 11:32PM EST

1. Do not harass players or attempt to bully them
off the server.

➤ A player saying something mean every now and then is not harassment but should not happen regardless.
➤ You as a player can use the /ignore <username> feature if a specific player is annoying you. 
➤ If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment. 
          ➤ Spawn killing is harassment.
          ➤ Harassment is an instant ban.

➤ If you are being bullied or harassed by player(s) please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members or fill out the form on our page. and make sure you have the following
➤ Player Names, Date & time this happened (please use EST or AEDT and specify which), Screenshot(s)/video(s) etc.. This information will help us greatly

2. Do not “Doxx” players, or reveal private
information on the server.

➤ Doxxing players is the intentional revelation of their real-life name, home address, or information that could reasonably lead to their real-life identity being revealed.
➤ Revealing information that is already known in the community, or easily googleable is not Doxxing.

3. Do not make inappropriate builds.

➤ Do not build inappropriate or suggestive builds in survival. which includes but not limited to racist symbols, sexual gestures, etc.

4. Do not use cheats, glitches, loopholes, hacks, or modified clients to your advantage.

➤ Some mods are allowed, always double-check with staff before using one. 
➤ This rule also covers misusing gameplay features like;
          ➤ Staircase glitching
          ➤ Ender Pearl glitching
          ➤ Shop Exploits
          ➤ Player Exploits
          ➤ Anti-AFK mechanics such as AFK Pools 
          ➤ Or any other game mechanics

5. The use of Autoclickers or Macros is not allowed.

➤ This includes Keyboard/Mouse features that are meant to give an edge during any minecraft activity, as these will give players an unfair advantage.

6. Anything that is seen to cause lag on the server is not allowed, and will be removed by staff.

➤ This may also involve redstone machines. 
          ➤ If you are unsure whether something causes lag, consult with staff. 
➤ This also involves using;
          ➤ Flowing water to create mob grinders auto-farms. 
          ➤ AFK-farms.
          ➤ Or any other form of automation that is either unfair, or harmful
              to server performance. 
          ➤ You should also keep passive mobs to 50 or less per chunk.
          ➤ 0-tick farms are allowed, however, if they do not have appropriate
              overflow protection, they will be removed.

7. Respect all Players and Staff.

➤ If a Staff member mistreats you, make a complaint on our Discord or Forum. 
➤ Do not impersonate staff, waste their time, or backseat moderate.
➤ Do not invite players to your town just to kick and steal from them.
➤ Do not engage in scamming.
➤ And do not use Towny to ridicule or make players feel miserable.

8. Do not use Alternate accounts

➤ If you are found using an Alt account you will be punished accordingly if you are caught using them to do any or similar of the following;
          ➤ Spy on others
          ➤ Steal items 
          ➤ Own multiple shops
          ➤ Or use them to gain referral rewards or other server rewards.
          ➤ You may not use generated or cracked premium accounts
➤ This means you cannot sell or buy alts to increase the total land claims for your Town.
➤ Staff will only allow the use of an alternate account on the server under strict circumstances and only once approved.
          ➤ These circumstances may include situations like Youtube third-person
              timelapse if you have a youtube channel and plan on advertising
              our server.

9. No griefing towns

➤ Do not Grief a players base.
➤ Do not Steal from players.
➤ Do not Spawn Kill.
➤ Do not engage in any activity that may result in destroyed land or builds.
➤ Do not Grief the surrounding area of a claimed Town.

➤Exception to this rule: If the build is in the wild it is up for grabs and is fair game.

10. No Harsh, Inappropriate Language or Images.

➤ This also includes inappropriate account names.
          ➤ If your name is found to be inappropriate you will be asked to
              change it.
➤ Harsh language also includes comments made about someone’s ethnicity, age, gender or ability to play minecraft and will not be tolerated
➤ This also includes Sexual and Drug references and Explicit messages, imagery and links in our discord and minecraft server.

11. Do Not Spam. 

➤ This includes, but is not limited to;
          ➤ Chat messages
          ➤ Commands
          ➤ Private Messages
          ➤ Spawn Killing or Spamming Death messages in chat

12. No Advertising.

➤ This includes;
          ➤ Other Minecraft servers
          ➤ Discord servers for other Minecraft servers
➤ This includes private messaging players who are members our server and sending private messages to players on Discord.

13. No asking for Items from Creative or
spawning in items.

➤ This includes;
          ➤ Asking for Creative Mode in the survival world
          ➤ Asking a staff member to combine enchanted books that do not result in
              a default enchant level (Eg. 2 Fortune III books into a Fortune VI book)

14. Use English in chat only!

➤ This is an English speaking server, no other languages should be used in chat.
➤ This includes using an excessive amount of symbols in chat.

15. Do not abuse any perms.

➤ This includes;
          ➤ Using donator permissions and commands to help non-donator players.
➤ You are, however, allowed to sell donator items in the auction house.
➤ You may not transfer permissions that you have purchased.
          ➤ This means you may not purchase a permission from our donator store
              and then switch it back and forth between a player and yourself. Once
              you have purchased or redeemed a permission it is yours.

16. No Political or Religious messages in any chat.

➤ Please refrain from bring up Political or Religious views in chat to avoid offending people.
➤ DragoniaMC is a community where every can be happy and enjoy themselves without thought of being offended or attacked.
➤ If you must talk about such topics, we urge you to please take it
outside our server.

17. Use common sense.

➤ Think before you act or send messages.

          ➤ This includes playing on our server while intoxicated or under the
              influence of drugs.
          ➤ Just because you can say or do something doesn’t mean you should
          ➤ Think about how it may affect others.

18. Anything that breaks the law is
banned on DragoniaMC.

➤ Anyone who is caught associating with or doing anything illegal will be dealt with accordingly. This includes but is not limited to; In the e
        ➤ Grooming.

          ➤ Sexual Assault.

          ➤ Fraud.

          ➤ Stealing other people’s Intellectual Property.

          ➤  Pursuing a relationship with someone under the legal age limit.

          ➤ Etc.

19. All nicknames must easily be traced
back to your username. 

➤ All nicknames must be similar or close to your username in game, this allows players to easily identify you if you have a nickname active.