Server Update & Changelog

Hello everyone! as some of you know we’ve been working hard on making sure that the server is as optimized as possible, we’ve also been poking and prodding at a custom world generation! Now lets get right into the update and changelog!

As of today (10/27/2022 @ 11:20PM AEST) We are super close to moving into phase 3 of the server launch! not sure what phase 3 is? read our earlier post here As of right now we can’t say for sure what exact day will be launch day but we are hoping to launch within 1-2 days or if needed Nov 1st. you may be asking yourself “why is this taking so long to launch?” simple answer is we had multiple crashes when rendering the world, and some plugin setbacks that caused more issues than originally incepted



+ Custom World Generation

+ WorldBorder 20k (On 10/25/2022)

+ Towny

+ Discord to Server chat plugin

+ Enchantment plugins


+ Shop plugin

+ Other plugins






# WorldBorder size decreased to 15k

# Various website changes



* World generation time: 3 Days

Quick Question(s)

Why was Dynmap removed?:
We removed Dynmap for hopefully a short time, reasoning it was removed was due to it causing issues with our webserver, so at this time we have removed it until we can investigate further and find a solution to this issue.

World screenshots

we didn’t wanna leave you 100% in the dark of the new world generation and why it took us so long to render it so here are some screenshots from the server!

Closing Notes

We thank you all for your dedication and willingness to work with us while we grind through and try to get our server running smoothly and looking beautifully! If you have a suggestion please do not hesitate to post your suggestion in our forums! by clicking here! we value your input and hope that some of your amazing suggestions can come to our server!