Could we change villager enchanting tables?

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    • Aithi

        With the plugin EnchantingSolution enchantment tables got changed to include another 2 enchantment tiers for a total of 5, but librarian villagers weren’t changed to include the new tiers, sticking them onto tier 3 enchants which suck, as the only good enchantment on this tier is Mending. As I have enchanted over 1400 times I also haven’t seen certain enchantments such as Width++, Transmutation, Life and Smeltery which I believe are either disabled or are treasure enchants, which are incredibly hard to get. If villagers could be changed to use the Tier 5 table for enchanting that would be nice and allow for more variety to enchanting.

      • Noni

          This has been seen, Will look into it.

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